The Challenge

A multibillion-dollar mining project in central Queensland faced significant risks to schedule. Potential long delays, cost blowouts and the knock-on impact to the client’s reputation were at stake.

  • Risk information was dated and unconsolidated.
  • The project team was focused on fire fighting daily issues.
  • Risk management was treated as a compliance issue, not a key business tool.

The Programme Consulting Solution

Programme Consulting:

  • Established a firm foundation to commence risk management.
  • Consolidated risk information into a single source.
  • Worked with stakeholders and conducted project reviews to validate existing risk information and identify new risks.
  • Conducted risk assessment and cost benefit analysis to determine which risks provided the greatest time and cost improvements with the least effort.
  • Developed risk treatment plans that fed into the client’s master schedule and time management system (Primavera).
  • Developed change forms to support the funding for risk treatments.
  • Developed a risk dashboard for daily use by the project team.
  • Measured the actual time, cost and other benefits achieved.

The Outcome

  • Savings of tens of millions of dollars with the potential for greater future improvements.
  • An increased focus on planning and treating risks that help achieve business objectives.

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