Could prioritising resources to treat the 20% of risks that give you 80% of the benefits help?, Which risks are worth treating and which ones should be left?, Would you like risk management to provide tangible time and cost benefits?

During the lifecycle of a typical large portfolio or project, hundreds of threats and a smaller number of opportunities may emerge. With limited resources, portfolio and project teams can be overwhelmed and struggle to understand which risks to analyse and treat and which ones to leave.

Programme Consulting can help.

Our unique Searchlight™ system uses cost benefit analysis to go beyond the ISO31000 Risk Management Standards and help you understand which risks can give you the highest return on investment, for the lowest outlay. Quite simply, we help you treat risks that give you the “best bang for your risk management buck”.

Searchlight™ can help you:

  • Assess both the time and cost impacts of risks before and after treatment.
  • Weigh the treatment costs against the benefits for each risk.
  • Determine which risk treatments provide the highest returns for the lowest outlays.
  • Measure the actual time and cost savings achieved with each risk treatment.
  • Integrate risk treatments into planning, cost and management systems.

Benefits of Searchlight™

  • Your team can focus on the risks that provide your project or portfolio with the greatest benefits.
  • Less time and money wasted on ineffective risk treatments.
  • Time and cost savings can be measured.
  • Improved success rates for your projects.

Our track record

By engaging the Searchlight™ system on our most recent project, we achieved tens of millions of dollars of savings for our client. With effective risk management in place, Programme Consulting has helped deliver multibillion-dollar projects and portfolios on time and under budget. Read about our experience in our mining and London Olympics case studies or contact us today to discuss how we can help your organisation with its risk management requirements.