Risk Management

Could risks threaten the outcome of your project?, Is risk management treated as a “compliance issue” in your organisation?, Are you unsure about which risks should be treated and when?

Large complex projects and portfolios come hand in hand with a range of uncertain events “risks” that have the potential to impact the viability of your business.

Programme Consulting can help.

Using APM and PMI methodologies and our patent pending risk management services, Programme Consulting has successfully managed risk on large, complex, multibillion-dollar portfolios and projects.

Our risk management practitioners can help you:

  • Provide the framework and governance to maximise risk management benefits.
  • Identify risks throughout the portfolio or project lifecycle.
  • Prioritise these risks using cost benefit analysis to determine the most efficient ways to allocate money, resources and time. Read more about Searchlight™.
  • Fully integrate risk management with your project or portfolio, including your cost and planning management systems.
  • Use early warning systems and contingency funds to minimise threats and exploit opportunities.
  • Measure improvements and savings.
  • Provide tangible reasons for staff to “buy-in” to the risk management process.
  • Provide health checks on existing risk management practice.

Benefits of effective risk management

  • Provide greater certainty for your portfolios and projects.
  • Maximise opportunities and minimise threats with the lowest outlay.
  • Deliver time and cost improvements.

Our track record

By effectively managing risk, Programme Consulting has helped deliver multibillion-dollar projects and portfolios on time and under budget.

Read about our experience in our mining and London Olympics case studies or contact us today to discuss how we can help your organisation with its risk management requirements.