London Olympics


The day after the city of London was awarded the 2012 Olympic Games, civilians using the London transport system were targeted in a series of coordinated terrorist attacks. Risk management would play a critical role in delivering the London Olympics.

The Challenge

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) was tasked with planning and delivering a 9.3 billion pound construction programme, the most complex in Europe. Over 60 interrelated infrastructure, rail and venue projects were to be completed, not only safely and securely, but also within immovable time and cost constraints.

To achieve this, the ODA required a robust framework and practice to minimise threats and exploit opportunities.

The Programme Consulting Solution

From 2005, Programme Consulting Directors worked in the ODA Project Management Office to:

  • Develop risk and planning frameworks for the venues and infrastructure projects.
  • Provide risk management training and guidance to project sponsors and directors.
  • Conduct regular risk reviews for all projects to ensure risk management standards were consistently implemented.
  • Complete board reports highlighting key programmes, project risks and treatments.

From 2007 Programme Consulting Directors worked on the ODA Security Programme to:

  • Develop a governance framework focused on risk.
  • Identify and analyse significant risks affecting the security programme.
  • Conduct quantitative risk analysis to establish a contingency budget.
  • Develop and plan projects that were required to treat risks.
  • Provide an assurance framework to ensure suppliers were managing risks.
  • Transfer knowledge to the client’s staff.

The Outcome

The risk management framework and assurance plans provided the basis for effective risk management across the ODA. The ODA has delivered its programme both under budget and within timeframes. Read more about the project outcomes or how we effectively managed risk in our mining case study.

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