Portfolio & Project Services

Portfolio & Project Services

Programme Consulting offers a range of services that can help you stay in control of your multibillion-dollar project or portfolio. Our clear, intuitive planning systems and management expertise not only safeguard the delivery of your capital investment, but also help you meet your objectives and strategic vision. Our services include the following:


Portfolio and project governance provides a strong management framework to help you streamline decision-making and keep sight of your strategic objectives and vision.

Design, Study & Project Management

We have a solid track record in project design and development that puts you in a strong position to meet critical milestones.

Strategic, Portfolio & Project Planning

We are real planners with the knowledge, skills and experience to help you utilise your plans as key business and decision-making tools.

Cost Management & Assurance

We work in partnership with you to implement processes that not only make project and financial management easier, but that can also alert you to potential issues in time to address them.

Reporting & Assurance

We work with you and your team to understand your project or portfolio and put reporting processes in place to deliver the information you need.

Technical Writing

We work in partnership with you to deliver technical documents that are simple for your team to understand and implement. With our focus on gathering requirements from stakeholders we can ensure your technical documents are both fit for purpose and widely accepted by your teams.