Funding Approvals & Independent Reviews

Could poor planning or coordination or stakeholder objections impact your project?, Could an independent review help your team avoid costly mistakes?, Are study reports or business cases or estimates critical to achieving your funding approvals?

Funding approvals are often time constrained complex projects in their own right. Without high quality documentation, specialist planning and management, independent reviews and supportive stakeholders, your funding may be at risk.

Programme Consulting can help.

We work closely with your team and stakeholders to understand the wider issues. We develop tailored solutions that not only exceed your needs but also maximise your ability to clear critical milestones.

Funding Approvals

Our specialists can help you:

  • Outline the steps and interactions required to achieve funding approvals.
  • Manage your funding approval processes and resources.
  • Develop business cases and study reports.
  • Develop and manage estimate, scope, budget and other documents.
  • Keep stakeholders involved and informed to safeguard the approval process.

Funding Approvals

Programme Consulting is an approved supplier of Independent Gateway Reviews for state and federal governments. At any stage of your project or portfolio we can undertake independent reviews to:

  • Provide assurance to funders and stakeholders that the project is ready to progress.
  • Alert your team to significant risks to meeting project objectives.
  • Provide independent advice and potential solutions on how to maximise success.

Client Benefits

  • On-time funding approvals with stakeholder endorsement.
  • Independent project reviews that provide assurance and maximise your success.

Our track record

Programme Consulting has helped clients achieve on time, multibillion-dollar funding approvals. Read about an example of our work in the funding approval or independent reviews case studies. Alternatively, contact us today to discuss how we can assist your organisation with an independent review or funding approval.